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Art Attack w/ Lizy Dastin and Justin BUA

Mar 25, 2018

In March 2018, the Swedish company H&M entered into a legal dispute with artist Jason “REVOK” Williams over the copyright usage of his work in a recent advertising campaign. Join our hosts as they discuss this hot button contemporary art issue from multiple perspectives.

Mar 18, 2018

Are artists who use their own self image to promote their work narcissists? Join our hosts as they discuss this question and its potentially gendered rhetoric.

Mar 14, 2018

Our hosts have found an artist whose work they both admire: George Bellows! Discover what's so incredible about a guy labeled by critics as "a trashcan painter."

Mar 9, 2018

Pop art is constantly confused with pop culture. Join our hosts as they talk about Andy Warhol and 1960s Pop Art Movement.

Mar 9, 2018

Join our hosts as they discuss the literal and emotional differences between street art and graffiti, using BUA's television show, Street Art Throwdown, as an inroad.