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Art Attack w/ Lizy Dastin and Justin BUA

Nov 29, 2018

With their graphic intensity, figural distortion and raw sexual charge, Egon Schiele's portraits and self-portraits re-established conventional notions of beauty. Join our hosts as they discuss this 20th century Austrian master.



Nov 26, 2018

There may not be an official leader of the street art movement, but if there were it would be Shepard Fairey. A tenacious champion of urban art, Fairey is best known for his political work--like the Obama HOPE Poster--that pairs image and text to activate viewers and inspire them to construct their own meaning. Join our...

Nov 21, 2018

Some people criticize Norman Rockwell's work as sentimental schmaltz, and some people shouldn't be critics. Join our hosts as they talk about the subtle gravitas and emotional, social impact of Rockwell's work.

Nov 19, 2018

Through his paintings and collages, Romare Bearden crafts powerful stories that celebrate African American communities and illustrate distinctive black experiences. Join our hosts as they discuss Bearden's work and describe the layers of his importance.

Nov 14, 2018

In the years following the Civil War in the United States, there was a schism in art between painters who were dazzled by the allure of Europe and those who embodied a fierce American chauvinism. Painters in the latter camp, notably the great genius Winslow Homer, made work that was dedicated to realism and tethered...